It was time to practice what we preach and give New Wave Design a makeover.

Why the rebrand?

The logo and visual identity was 15 years old and the website 3 years old. Although we had an established strong brand with current clients, the business had refocussed with a clear vision to target small business startups and small businesses wanting to take their business to the next level. Design trends had changed considerably and as a design studio it is important to have a modern, clean and contemporary logo. As website design and development were now core services, it was essential the website reflected the standard of work on offer.

What was involved in the rebrand?

We had identified our ideal client and needed to appeal to them while capturing the essence of us, how we work and presenting us as a contemporary design studio. We researched our competitors and spoke with our clients about what they needed from us.

With this in mind, the logo was the first thing to design. We wanted a clean, simple headline font that was angular yet elegant. Traditionally uppercase is harder to read, but we felt it made a statement. We retained the orange as the ‘pop’ colour to keep some relevance to the old brand, but changed the complimentary colour to a modern, neutral charcoal.

Once the logo was created, colour palette selected and fonts chosen it was time to brand our other marketing collateral. Business cards and stationery, email signature, website, emarketing branding, social media and forms including invoices and quotes all needed updating. Remember consistency is the key to successful branding!

What ‘s different about our website?

The new website incorporates current design trends including full width images, uncluttered, simple design and bold headings. The website is fully responsive – meaning it looks great on all devices. We have added a blog to provide valuable and current information. There are free resources to download that are relevant to small business. The updated portfolio showcases our work with impressive mockups. We’ve integrated the sign up form with mailchimp for database management. We have optimised our site for search engines.

How did we roll out the rebrand?

Communication was paramount. We didn’t want to alienate our current clients while striving for new clients. We personally advised our clients that we were rebranding, but reinforced they would still receive the same high standard of customer service. It provided a good opportunity to let them know about our new services. We aimed to have all elements of the rebrand ready at the same time as consistency is the key with all branding.

If you would like to discuss rebranding your business don’t hesitate to call Kym from New Wave Design on 0410 642 684.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on our new branding, please leave a comment below.