Your logo allows the world to instantly identify your business.

At first glance, it reflects your business personality and captures the essence of who you are. Great logos don’t just happen. We guide you through the logo design process to ensure the end result is practical, attractive and reflects who you are. It is the starting point that sets the tone for your new business and the first step to building your brand. Whether you are starting a new business or looking to refresh and revamp your current business, New Wave Design can create the perfect logo for you. We ask all the right questions to discover your ideal customer, learn about your product or service and explore the industry in order to create a unique and memorable logo. We think ahead about how and where your logo will be used and supply you with all the file formats will you need for any application. The visual presence of your business starts with your logo. It is one of the most valuable assets you will create for your business and will be the cornerstone for your entire brand, hence it’s essential that you invest wisely in getting it right.

Your brand identity is the visual aspect that forms part of your overall brand.

Your brand identity is a combination of colours, fonts, design elements, imagery and copy that represents your overall brand. Design excellence is vital for building and maintaining your brand identity. Presenting a distinctive and visually strong image is a paramount to creating a strong first impression for your business. It is imperative to also establish a consistent and cohesive style that reflects your company’s core values and is instantly recogisnable. Once you have established your visual identity, it can flow through to your verbal communications and interaction with customers to ensure you are projecting the whole image you desire. A strong visual brand identity positions you and your business as a professional in your industry and earns the respect of the market. A new or revamped logo and brand identity gets you excited and motivated about your business.

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