A clean and organised workspace is imperative for creativity to prosper, productivity to increase and to make the best impression on clients. A new year is a great time to revitalise and personalise your workspace. We have just finished our office makeover. Here are our tips:

  1. Start with a blank canvas – Completely empty the space. Sort through everything and only return what you need to the room. File old paperwork and samples. Throw out, donate or sell out-of-date equipment and surplus furniture.
  2. Refresh – Clean the walls, windows and furnishings. We went a step further and repainted the walls and replaced the carpet with vinyl tiles. They are low maintenance, easy to clean and slide our chairs on.
  3. Plan – Measure your space and work out the layout of furniture in your space. Be inspired by ideas on Pinterest, websites like Houzz or lifestyle magazines. We had a custom bench top made in white gloss laminate to span the width of the room and added some chrome legs from Bunnings. The new office table was positioned under the window so we can both enjoy the view. Lighting is also very important. We had two pendant lights installed over the new desk.
  4. Storage – Ensure you have adequate storage to keep everything you need close at hand. We created a wall of storage using the IKEA Besta range. We combined cupboards and open display storage. Our wireless printer also fitted neatly into one of the compartments. Again we choose sleek white and used texture to create interest.
  5. Function – Place all necessary items back in the room, printers, computers, files etc.
  6. Style – With all the hard work done now it is time to style. Choose artwork, plants and accessories to personalise and complete the makeover. We used a fresh and natural colour palette. White, craft paper and natural accessories with a hint of fresh greenery. A touch of orange and charcoal to match our branding.

I hope this inspires you to make over you work space.