Lookbooks are not a new concept – the fashion industry have used lookbooks to showcase brands and collections for many years. More recently lookbooks have evolved to become a popular form of social media content and a popular way for online and offline retailers of lifestyle, homewares and leisure products to engage and inspire shoppers.

The key benefit to marketing with lookbooks is that they fire up human senses, which is an important driver behind buying decisions. Lookbooks tell a story and engage your customer in the pleasure and excitement associated with choosing and using the product. For online retailers, lookbooks are an opportunity to evoke an emotional response in shoppers.

In a digital format lookbooks provide great content that is easily shared on social media, your website and via your digital marketing. Ensure your lookbook is easily accessible on your website with social media share buttons, create collections and shop this look pages/categories. Pin the pages to your Pinterest Boards, Post lifestyle images on Facebook and Instagram, promote in your digital marketing and newsletters. You never know who will see your lookbook.

Essential to creating a compelling lookbook is high quality, artistic and professional photography. Product styling and placement is just as important. Styling of each piece should show their functionality along with various angles, giving the viewer a broader look at the pieces. Lookbooks provide context, by presenting pieces in a real-life, visually-appealing setting helping consumers envisage how it might look in their home or how it works. It also provides an opportunity to group complementary items together encouraging cross selling.

It is important lookbooks provide descriptions or product detail to allow consumers to reference your products without interfering with the imagery and design. Lookbooks also provide great branding opportunity. Ensure you provide links or clear information on how and where to buy the products featured. A concise introduction can explain the brands history, information on the designer(s) and the inspiration(s) behind the collection at hand. You may also feature tips and ideas on using the products.

We love creating compelling, creative and consistent design for our clients. Thank You The Christmas Cart for letting us design a series of Lookbooks for your 2017 Christmas Collections. Creating fresh content is a surefire way of keeping customers interested. It shows that your brand is current, informed, trendsetting, and evolving.