2017 will see a desire to counteract uncertainty with authenticity, raw emotion, and simplicity. This will be evident within visual design trends.

Louder and Brighter 
Following on from the colour trends we identified in Trending Colours for 2017, this year there will be a shift away from neutral colours like pastel pinks, subtle greys, to bolder and brighter colours and bold fonts.


Authentic Photos
With the increase in social media and online content the need for engaging stock photos is higher than ever. The best generic stock photos are now well overused. Our desire to be true and authentic brings back the need to take our own photos. Photos that people can relate to, that personalise a story and capture a moment. These photos are ideal for blogs and social media and assist businesses be transparent and real. Unfiltered and candid portraits will be prominent. Spontaneity, movement and raw emotion need to be on full display. With the high quality of mobile photo cameras there is no reason not to take our own pictures.

Packaging Design
Continuing with the return to natural and earthy tones, packaging will be more focused on the product inside, rather than the packaging that conceals it. There’s a demand for truth to be on display. This couldn’t be more evident than in food packaging. Transparent bottles and easily readable ingredients emerge as we become more concerned with where our food or product has come from and the process involved in production and manufacturing.

Hand Drawn Graphics
Recently we have seen brands incorporate hand drawn illustrations into their graphics as they look to differentiate themselves from the pack. This will also add a personal or fun element back into your design or content work. Two of our clients are already embracing this new trend – Lizard Learning and The Christmas Cart.

Good old GIFs
GIFs are not a new file format but are seeing a resurgence. GIFs were the go to file type when websites first started to be built. They are small compact files, that don’t require a player and allow animation. They are perfect to express emotion when text or a flat image won’t quite cut it but as technology grew and new special effect options became easily available we said good bye to the trusty GIF. But now we say welcome back! As with movies and fashion, technology also makes comebacks for the younger generation who may not seen or heard of old classics. The GIF is now becoming a fresh new way to animate your page or email. Add GIFs as featured images to your blog posts or in newsletter headers. Let us know if you would like animated gifs created for you next online project.