Review, plan and set goals

The start of a new year gives us the opportunity to review, plan and set goals. While your mind is clear and refreshed put pen to paper or stylus to tablet and start writing. Analyse what worked and what didn’t. Plan your direction for 2015. Make yourself accountable – be specific and write your goals down and don’t forget to set a time frame. They may be personal goals including health, saving, education or business goals including marketing, budgeting and human resources.

Your marketing goals for your business may include:
• Attracting new customers (eg 10 new customers per month)
• Boosting your customer spend (eg Increase customer spend by 15% per transaction)
• Developing new products and services (eg Develop 2 new products and take to market in 2015)
• Building your brand by differentiating yourself from your competitors (eg Identify and promote two areas of the business that set you apart from our competition)

Take a moment to put yourself in your customers shoes – what are they looking for, what will make their life easier, what frustrates them, how can you solve their problems. Answer these correctly and the customers will come to you.

Once you have set your marketing goals and are ready to implement strategies to achieve them call Kym on 0410 642 684 or email