Recently I was interviewed by Brisbane Marketing Strategist Deborah Jackson about Why you Need a Graphic Designer. Before coming to New Wave Design many of our clients have attempted their own design or found an off shore website offering the world for just $5. How hard can it be? It is just pictures and words on a page, right? In all cases they have spent hours of their valuable time and ended up with lets just say an under whelming result if they ever managed to finish the project at all. Running your own business means you wear many hats and have many responsibilities and are required to solve problems daily. If design is not your expertise don’t pretend to be Michelangelo to save a few dollars as in the end it will end up costing you more. Leave it to a professional – you wouldn’t try and cut your own hair would you?

A good graphic designer will lead you through the design process and ask the right questions and make suggestions to improve your idea. You will benefit from their experience, knowledge and creativity to end up with a professional, unique design that works and gets results. See the interview below.


In summary, our top 5 reasons why you need a graphic designer are:

1. We understand fonts, colours and images and can visualise your idea

2. We understand file formats and requirements for print jobs, social media graphics and integrating with other software. ie You may spend hours on a job in word or publisher to find out that a printer will not accept your files.

3. We ask the right questions from the start to ensure the project stays on track and is designed for the particular end application.

4. Your time is too valuable to be doing a task that is not your expertise.

5. We will help you decide what information is important to include in the piece of communication and work with you to create a call to action that gets your customers to act as well as creating a visually appealing design.

Good design does require skill and expertise. At New Wave Design we have both, plus years of experience on a range of projects from creating unique logos, revamping your entire brand identity, designing and developing websites and creating the perfect brochure or proposal. You will also benefit from our host of resources including software design programs, image libraries and contacts plus our knowledge of the design process to make your life easy.

If you have an idea and would like would see how New Wave Design can help you don’t hesitate to call Kym on 0410 642 684 or email